Share leads

Everything you need to know about sharing leads.


The BuzzCoin! The currency used within the LeadBuzzer platform.


MyBuzz shows all your shared, received and requested leads.


The place to be if you want to view leads shared publicly by other Social Sellers.

  • What kind of leads do I place on the BuzzMarket?

    If you don't know anyone in your network who meets your contact's requirements, you can place that lead on the BuzzMarket. This way, you can very easily enlarge your personal network! But don't worry, you'll always be in charge of the lead. Contact details will only be shared once you have approved someone who wants to buy your lead.


LeadBuzzer uses icons to make everything more clear for you.

  • MyBuzz
  • Reactions

    The number of reactions to your lead.

  • Report success

    Report the lead as been successfully.

  • Unsuccessful

    Report the lead as been unsuccessfully for you.

  • Recycle

    If the lead isn't interesting for you but you think someone else might be able to put it to good use, you can recycle the lead. You can either forward it directly to another Social Seller or place it on the BuzzMarket.

  • Accept

    Has someone requested one of your leads and are you confident that person is the right person for your lead? By accepting the request, you pass on the lead to that Social Seller.

  • Reject

    Has someone requested one of your leads but are you unsure if that Social Seller is the right person for your lead? In that case you're free to reject the request.

  • Reply

    Reply to a Social Seller's request for a status update on his or her lead.

  • Edit

    If you placed a lead on the BuzzMarket it's possible that you would want to edit some of the details later on. This can be done through the MyBuzz > Shared page.

  • Buzzforward

    Do you have a lead that you want to send to a specific Social Seller? Then send the lead to that person directly and privately through a BuzzForward.

  • Status update

    If you shared a lead with another Social Seller but you haven't heard for a while, send a BuzzAlert to get the latest.

LeadBuzzer Mobile

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